Out-of-box Contextually Aware Content

ZenSource comes with modules designed to provide marketers an easy path and the ability to effectively tailor content to the right audience. Hit the ground running with personalized content in minutes. You create the content, assign a location or region… and then let ZenSource take care of the rest. Users coming to your site will interface with our geo-location features and serve up content specific to their needs. 

And we know that a user's actual location might be different than the one the website detects, so we build in fall backs, controlled via the ZenSource admin.  Content can be switched out based on referring URLS easily so that your various media sources will always serve up personalized content regardless of geo-location. 

Create Living & Breathing Page Content

ZenSource comes with a built-in taxonomy to allow for easy personalization of topical content. Drag taxonomy-driven modules to your page, pick content types relevant to taxonomy tags, set it… and that’s it! The most recent topical content will dynamically pull into your modules as it’s published elsewhere on the site; there’s no need to reassociate content as it’s published and there is no manual maintenance.