Flexible & Powerful Site Search

ZenSource site search comes out-of-the-box with a Solr engine designed to receive better results based on relevance. It’s also configured with a typehead predictive UX and configurable categories to return results based on different types of content. For an even more powerful site search, it comes with a “common misspellings” feature and the ability to weight results—all driven in the admin by authors with code.


Search at Scale

Fueled by the Solr search engine, ZenSource site search is powerful with optimum performance when crawling tens of thousands of pages of content. And if you want to search on more than one of your digital properties, ZenSource can integrate with external sites to crawl and return results.


Author-Driven Wayfinding Tools

From news directories to blog posts, people finders to service finders, and everything in between. ZenSource uses a Drupal Views module, allowing authors to create new search pages on the fly without developer support.

Configure your keyword search to crawl a specific content type and using taxonomy filters. Toggles for “List vs. Grid” view and built-in sort functionality are pre-built and ready to add to your page.