Designed to help brands build and strengthen relationships with their audiences

With 15-plus years of large-scale CMS implementations, we are intimately familiar with the opportunities, and the limitations, that existing enterprise CMS options present to our clients.

Powerful, proprietary, enterprise CMS platforms offer enormous lists of features but when licensing, implementation, consulting and maintenance is factored, the price tag can be equally enormous. What’s more, many clients aren’t using the lion’s share of those features so, in a sense, they’re paying for bells & whistles they’ll never need or use.

In contrast, less expensive open source platforms offer a vast array of customizable admin tools and modules. And, while the prospect of “free” tools and modules as well as the flexibility and scalability of open source is compelling, it does not come without its own price.  Security, accessibility and maintenance of differing solutions often require clients to hire or re-focus their in-house development teams for support.

Our solution is to right-size content management. The ZenSource platform was designed and built to combine the business-critical features available in enterprise solutions with the flexibility, scalability and cost efficiencies that open source options provide. For many organizations, this unique balance offers a customized path that fits their unique set tech and business requirements with the flexibility to adapt smartly as their needs evolve.

Designed from the ground-up with both marketers and developers’ in mind, ZenSource is secure, accessible, easier to implement—and affordable. ZenSource’s intuitive human-centric interface, dashboards and admin tools make publishing, measuring and reporting far easier and more cohesive than larger, more complex, multi-layered platforms.

ZenSource is a powerful, smarter content management solution created to help organizations connect with their audiences more seamlessly and achieve key objectives without the unnecessary costs, complexity and pain.