Partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Deliver an Industry Leading Cloud

ZenSource partnered with AWS to leverage its global infrastructure, offering unparalleled scalability, reliability and performance with an ever-evolving feature set. Customized using the nearly 200 AWS services, our team bundled just the right features to build a high-performance, secure and scalable environment. And security is enhanced with a combination of best-in-class applications.

ZenSource’s environment is 100% compliant with CIS AWS Benchmark best practices, an industry leader in security compliance. We utilize Next Generation Firewall to defend against zero-day attacks, and our team uses detection and prevention with AWS-integrated security technologies to provide real-time threat intelligence and defense. ZenSource follows best practices for GDPR, PII, PHI, and HIPAA privacy regulations and can meet the level of compliance required by your organization.


ZenSource utilizes CloudFront and Redis caching to optimize speed and performance—regardless of where users are viewing the site. Extensive security is built in for every client, including encryption in transit and at rest; east-west security (internal protections); PII detection and alerting; and web application firewall (WAF).

Built on the reliability of AWS availability in multiple data centers and the ability to expand capabilities across the globe, we also integrated above AWS security. We also include Next Generation Firewall, vulnerability scanning, advanced endpoint protection and OneTrust integration.

ZenSource’s environment covers an expansive content delivery network to empower enhanced caching and site performance. This includes dedicated support and service powered by AWS-certified engineers and architects.


Hosting and Security At-a-Glance

24x7 monitoring Certified AWS configuration and optimization
Dedicated security support Performance management
Infrastructure support Automatic patching
Vulnerability scanning Threat detection
Continuous compliance monitoring Annual Network security penetration testing
Secrets and privacy management Zero day malware protection
Configuration management SOC 2 certification of security controls
Static code analysis with site development PII Protection