Easy-to-Use Authoring

ZenSource is built on Drupal—which means you’re taking advantage of an open source, enterprise level CMS. And with the release of Drupal 8 and Drupal 9, the authoring experience is even easier to use! Workflow for publishing make approving and pushing content incredibly intuitive.


Seamless Media Management

Store all of your assets in one place. With ZenSource, you can sync up to third-party platforms—like YouTube or Vimeo—to house video content in your website media libraries. And as for image assets? Our upload feature automatically resizes your image to load and display perfectly wherever assets are used.

For accessibility, ZenSource integrates with for automated video captioning and transcript creation. And the image upload process uses image recognition to automatically populate an accessible image alt tag.


Flexible Page Layouts & Content Modules

ZenSource installs with a best-in-class UX-optimized design systems—complete with flexible page layouts and a content library with modules from accordions, cards and galleries. You can create a theme to match your brand or customize for your needs while ZenSource maintains the code for accessibility and changing browser standards.


Custom Publishing Workflow & Lockdown Permissions

With ZenSource workflow and permissions management, you can oversee and grant granular control of your website ecosystem. Open content to your whole team or lock down pages for certain users.

Based on the needs of your authors, ZenSource allows for publishing workflows. Scale to your own requirements, from deploying content to multiple environments to the implementation of an approval process that notifies admins when new content is ready for review.


Localized Site Management

Manage all of your digital properties in one place. ZenSource offers multiple options for setting up multi-site management, so you can control your brand and its content. Utilizing Drupal Domain Access, you can manage multiple domains in one instance of your CMS. And using Drupal Groups, each site can have its own place in the admin. Whatever you choose, you can guarantee sharing content between sites comes standard.