Robust Curriculum to Train the Trainers

We designed a robust curriculum designed to enable a new Drupal content author to be self-sufficient after being trained using the ZenSource Lotus Administration—our foundational open source Drupal authoring environment.

Each instructor is ZenSource Trainer Certified with advanced Drupal knowledge, as well as the communication skills needed to effectively train content authors of any skill level. Upon completing the course, each attendee will receive a ZenSource Advanced Drupal Author Training certificate and will be able to apply their skills to train other authors.


Hands-On Training with Real Content

Training is conducted through a combination of instructor-led direction, as well as workshops specific to your environment and site implementation.

These hands-on workshops are conducted in small groups and one-on-one sessions that cover the full spectrum of content authoring responsibilities for each piece of website CMS functionality.


Developer Training

We also offer developer training to help onboard your in-house development and IT teams so they are able to maintain and develop on ZenSource. Since ZenSource is built on Drupal and is 100% open source, our developer training dives deep into how to install, maintain and enhance your site on top of our Drupal Distribution.

We cover everything from system requirements, environment set up and project install all the way to layouts, theming and module development. Our hands-on developer training is designed to jumpstart and onboard developers of any level of Drupal experience—whether you’re already a Drupal developer or just learning if for the first time.

Drupal 101 Half Day

Designed to learn Drupal authoring admin basics


Included Features

  • Walk through basic page and module creation, navigation and taxonomy
  • Includes how-to guide for basic authoring within our distribution admin

Drupal 101 Full Day

Designed to learn the basics of Drupal authoring, plus more advanced modules and page layouts


Includes everything from half day, plus...

  • Walk through more advanced dynamic modules and navigation controls and additional page layout types
  • Basic accessibility training for authors
  • Includes how-to guide for basic authoring within implementation specific features

Advanced Author Training

A 5-day course designed to onboard authors to train others and become admin power users with more advanced functionality.


Includes everything from three day plus...

  • Implementation-specific training for taxonomy driven directories of complex wayfinding directories (e.g. events, services, experts)
  • Site search admin customization tools
  • Additional overflow day with open agenda for any topics where authors would like to spend more time

Developer Training

5-day course designed to onboard developers so that they are capable of installing, maintaining and enhancing ZenSource


Included features

  • System requirements and environment setup overview
  • Create and install a fresh project
  • How to update ZenSource
  • Theme, layout and module development within ZenSouce