Powerful Site Search

We developed a powerful, fast and highly intuitive site search ready to plug into your site. Whether it’s a ZenSource site or your own Drupal site, our hosted site search—powered by Solr—can be turned on and begin indexing your content immediately.


Third-Party Data Connectors

From proprietary databases to the connection of a third-party service for your expert data, specialties or degrees content, Power Site has prebuilt connectors and data normalizers ready to accept your data. Our connectors map your database to your content types to create a scheduled import process to accept data. As a result, all of your site content and third-party data can coexist in your Drupal digital ecosystem.


Automated Accessibility and QA Testing

We built tools meant to help maintain the integrity of your site functionality and accessibility, even when you’re not working on it. Utilizing Axe—an industry leader in automated accessibility scanning—we integrated a reporting dashboard within the ZenSource admin. This tool runs automatically, reporting back any issues so authors can proactively remediate.

For site functionality, we’ve implemented testing scripts utilizing the nightwatch.js testing framework. When we kick off deployments, nightwatch.js scripts run and automatically test key site functionality to ensure nothing breaks during a new code deploy.



Designed for smaller sites with less traffic and page content

Prices starting at


Included Features

  • Faceted, typeahead Solr search service with author results weighting tools and third party site crawling
  • Automated accessibility and QA testing tools
  • Designed for sites with less than 250 pages of content


Designed for large-size sites with high page traffic and content

Prices starting at


Includes everything from performance, plus...

  • Crawler capabilities for sites with large amounts of data and page content