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High Availability On Demand Auto Scale

ZenCloud is customized with nearly 200 AWS services—bundled with the right features for a high-performance, secure and scalable environment. The platform is built on the reliability of AWS availability in multiple data centers with the ability to expand capabilities around the globe. ZenCloud utilizes AWS CloudFront and Redis caching to optimize speed and performance, regardless of where users are accessing the site.  
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Security, Support & GDPR

Powered by AWS-certified engineers and architects, ZenCloud is backed by dedicated support and service from comprehensive cyber security defense to in-depth security controls with extensive security built in for every client. This includes encryption in transit and at rest; east-wing security (internal protections); PII detection and alerting; and WAF. And, for added security beyond what is offered through AWS, we implemented Next-Generation Firewall, vulnerability scanning and advanced endpoint protection.  We also integrate with OneTrust to bring additional GDPR offerings surrounding cookie management and consent. ZenCloud is also 100% compliant with CIS AWS Benchmark best practices—an industry leader in security compliance.
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Flexible Configuration

An enhanced combination of best-in-class applications provide flexible Shared or Dedicated environment options—designed to be scaled up or down based on the needs of the website. ZenCloud is an expansive content delivery network and you never pay for resources you don’t use. As the demands of your site traffic change, ZenCloud scales to meet those demands in real time.


Designed for small to medium-size sites with low traffic

Prices starting at.


Included Features

  • S3 Storage
  • 24x7 monitoring and technical support
  • Ideal for sites with up to 25K monthly visits


Designed for enterprise, highly trafficked sites with third-party integrations and large volumes of content

Prices starting at


Included everything from Performance, plus..

  • Advanced Page Cache Integration
  • Ideal for sites with over 100K monthly visits
  • Flexible solutions available at this tier to meet you unique IT requirements