Cloud-Based Architecture

ZenSource offers cloud-based hosting that is scalable, secure, available and based on Amazon Web Services (AWS). We utilize Next Generation to defend against zero-day attacks and our environment is 100% compliant with CIS AWS Benchmark best practices—an industry leader in security compliance. And we provide real-time threat intelligence and defense, AWS integrated security technologies providing detection and prevention.

ZenSource follows best practices for GDPR, PII, PHI and HIPAA privacy regulations—allowing us to meet the level of compliance your organization requires.


Data Security

ZenSource employs the AWS Key Manager Service. This secure and resilient service uses hardware security modules that have been validated under FIPS 140-2 in order to:

  • Encrypt all data at rest using AES-256 encryption
  • Store a separate AES-256 key for webform submission encryption
  • Limit access to authorized individuals by storing keys in a protected folder on the server outside of the webroot and source code repository

Drupal Core Support

You never have to worry about your site being on the latest version of Drupal: ZenSource is fully maintained for the latest security and software updates as they are released.

Our team becomes engrained in your code and proactively installs, tests and deploys each update as soon as the Drupal community makes them available.

And with ZenSource, upgrades are easy and painless. We ensure maximum scalability and longevity by vetting Drupal models, scanning custom functionality for code depreciations and ensuring all features are compatible with Drupal core.