How to: Publish or Unpublish a Page

Pages on the site can be published or unpublished with ease.

Page Statuses

Not all content within the CMS needs to be live and published. In many cases, you may want to have some pages published during a certain time of the year or keep pages unpublished until they go through further review or edits.

Updating the Status of a Page

  1. When viewing a page, go to Edit Mode.
  2. Within Edit mode, at the bottom of the page you will see either:
    • Checkbox - Checking this will publish the page, unchecking the box will unpublish the page.
    • Dropdown - Within the dropdown, you will have the option to Publish, Unpublish, or Archive.

Updating the Status of Multiple Pages

  1. When on the Content page of the Manage menu, you will see a listing of the site's pages.
  2. On the left-side of listing, you will see a checkbox that allows you to select multiple pages.
  3. Once the pages are selected, go to the Action dropdown.
  4. Select the action you wish to apply to the selected items and then click the Apply button below. within the Action dropdown that you can update the statuses of multiple pages