How to: Create an Event Page

An event page is used to inform users of a single or reoccurring event's details such as location, date, time, and other information related to the instance. 

Creating an Event Page

  1. From the Content dashboard, click the Add Content button.
  2. From the list of available Content types, select Event for it to be created.
  3. A new Event page will display in Edit Mode where the user can start populating page content.

Event Page Fields

  • Title – Name of the event. 
  • Image – Image that will be displayed alongside the title of the event.
  • Date & Time – Details of the dates and times for the event.
    • Occurrence – A dropdown select that allows the event to exist on a single date and time or to reoccur weekly, biweekly, or monthly.
    • Start Date – Date at which the event will occur.
    • End Date – Date at which the event will end (please note that this field is only required if the event is reoccurring).
    • Start Time – Time at which the event will occur.
    • End Time – Time at which the event will end.
  • Intro Title – A brief description of the event that will display below the title of the event.
  • Body – The main content of the event page.
  • Price – An optional field that is used to display the cost of an event (if the event is free, the field can remain empty or set as $0.00).
  • Event Type – Used to categorize the type of event on event calendars, event listing pages, and/or dynamic feeds, as well as in some cases used as a tag that will be displayed on the event page and/or event card.
  • Event Location – Used to identify where the event will take place. This will be displayed on the event page, event cards, and for the filtering options on event calendars/listing pages. The location of the event will be be selected based on predefined taxonomy and/or manual creation.
  • Contact – The method of contact for those inquiring or have questions about the event details - e.g., Email, Phone Number, Office, etc.
  • Registration – If the event requires registration, this is where that information will be defined.