How to: Create an Article Page

This highly-flexible template is a module-driven page with structured content elements that allow for greater distribution across the website's ecosystem and is great for storytelling. 


What are Article Pages used for?

  • News articles
  • Blog articles
  • Story-based articles

Creating an Article Page

  1. From the Content dashboard, click the Add Content button.
  2. From the list of available Content types, select Article (In some cases, this content type may be referred to as Blog, News, or Story) for it to be created.
  3. A new Article page will display in Edit Mode where the user can start populating page content.

Article Page Fields

  • Title – Name of the article. 
  • Image – Image that will be displayed alongside the title of the article.
  • Intro Title – A brief headline or paragraph used to introduce the body content of the article. 
  • Body – The main content of the article.
  • Widgets – Widgets can be used to enhance the content of the page and further contribute to storytelling elements (e.g., Pull-quotes, images, videos, etc.). 
  • Published Date – Used to identify when the article was published and to categorize where the article will display in date-driven listing pages or feeds.
  • Author  – The name of the author which can be manually added or selected from a pre-defined list of authors (created within the paragraph library).
  • Article Type – The type of article will be used to filter the item on listing pages.