How to: Clone a Page

In instances that you need to duplicate the layout or use the same content as another page, you can clone a page. 

The menu option to clone a page when viewing a page within the ZenSource CMS.

What is it used for?

  • For pages with complex layouts, you can simply clone the page so that you will not have to recreate the layout.
  • Textual content within modules that have slight differences and will only require the content author a minimal amount of editing.

Cloning the Page

  1. When viewing a page that you would like to clone, go to the Clone option that is displayed near the edit and layout modes.
  2. The page will then be cloned and you will be brought into Edit mode.

Additional Notes

  • Please remember that both the layout and content of the page will be cloned.
  • In some cases, it may be more work to remove or change the content than it is to recreate it.
  • The menu link and parent item does not copy over from the existing page and will therefore have to be added for the newly cloned page.