How to: Add In-Page Image/Video

Used for in-page images or videos to ensure all videos and images respond correctly on all devices. 

In-Page Image/Video Widget

What is it used for?

  • Highlighting imagery or videos within the content well of the page.
  • Providing a visual break on a page that is mostly text.
  • As a storytelling element for news, events, stories, and other article-based pages.

Adding In-Page Image/Video

  1. When viewing a page, go to Edit Mode.
  2. Within Edit mode, select the Widgets dropdown menu and select In-Page Image/Video.
  3. The widget will then be created and expanded for the fields within the widget to be edited.

In-Page Image/Video Fields

  • Admin Title – This does not display on the website but is used to give the widget a system title. 
  • Media – Select or upload an image or video from the media library (you can also link to a video URL).
  • Caption – Will display under the image or video.