How to: Add New Users to the CMS

Adding users to the CMS is easy, allows for customization with roles and permissions, and provides a way for multiple people to collaborate on the site's content.

Overview of User Accounts

  • A user account is an account assigned to a specific person that works within the CMS. This includes administrators, content authors, editors, reviewers, and any person who is involved with the development and/or maintenance of the website.
  • While any amount of users can be added to work within the CMS, we would recommend this is limited to the content team.
  • User accounts can be customized with permissions and limitations that are established when creating the new account, as well as within the role permission settings. 

Creating a New User

  1. On the top navigation of the CMS, go to People.
  2. At the top of the People page, click the Add User button.
  3. You will then be brought to the Add User page where you can create a new user account or edit existing accounts.

The following fields are required to create an account:

  • Email Address – The email address that is associated with the new user.
    • The user will receive an email once the account is created.
    • The user may receive notification emails depending on the role they are assigned.
    • Email addresses and usernames must be unique.
  • Username – The account username the person will be logging in with and referenced by within the CMS.
  • Password – The account password used to log in.
  • Roles – Multiple roles can be assigned to a single user. These roles define the permissions and limitations around what the account is able to do within the CMS.

The following fields are not required to create an account but are helpful:

  • Plain Text Only Emails – A checkbox that will ensure the user is sent emails using plain text.
  • Status – Ability to disable or block an account from logging in.
  • Site Language – Preferred language for emails sent to the user.
  • Timezone – For the new account specifically, dates and times throughout the site will be displayed by the timezone setting here
  • URL Alias –  An alternative path by which this data can be accessed.