How to: Add and Edit Taxonomy

Taxonomy is used to classify and organize content so that it can then be dynamically shared throughout the site.


What is taxonomy?

Taxonomy can be thought of as organizational topics or tags that can then be applied to content items and pages.

How is taxonomy used?

Here are the steps to how taxonomy is used in a website:

  1. Taxonomy terms/tags are created based on the content types that need to be organized.
  2. Tags are applied to pages or content items.
  3. Listing pages or dynamic widgets have tags applied so that the content tagged with the taxonomy topic can be dynamically pulled in.

What are the benefits of taxonomy?

Taxonomy allows for the following:

  • Keeping content on the site fresh by having new and related content be automatically added into widgets and pages.
  • Reduces the need for content authors/editors to update pages and replace old content.
  • Creates an organized and consistent content system.

When should taxonomy be used?

Taxonomy can be used for:

  • Content that should live in multiple instances throughout the site.
  • Items that are provided on listing pages and include filters.
  • Content types that need to be organized and have a variety of topics.
  • Article-based content such as news, blog articles, events, stories, etc.
  • People profiles 

Where can I find the site's taxonomy?

Navigating to the taxonomy listing page:

  1. On the top navigation of the Manage menu, go to Structure.
  2. Within the Structure menu, click on Taxonomy.
  3. You will then be brought to the taxonomy listing page.
  4. From here, terms can be added and organized.  

How do I add new taxonomy terms?

  1. While on the taxonomy listing page, click the Add Vocabulary button at the top of the page.
  2. You will be brought to the Add Vocabulary page where you will need to fill out the following fields:
    • Name - The name of the taxonomy term that will be applied to content items.
    • Description - This can be used to describe the new term and its use within the site.

How do I edit and organize existing taxonomy?

If you need to edit a taxonomy term or move a term outside of a group:

  • Go to the dropdown on the right-side of the group's row and click List Terms.
  • Being brought to a page that displays the terms within this group, you can go to the same dropdown on the term you wish to edit or organize and click the Edit button.
    • If you wish to edit the item you can do so by editing the fields.
    • If you wish to organize the item (such as move it to another group or taxonomy category), you can open the Relations dropdown and change the Parent Term to where you would like the term to be organized under.