How to: Add Accordions

Accordion Widget

Used to organize large amounts of related content into a condensed page display.


Accordion Widget


What is it used for?

  • To break up long areas of copy into smaller sections.
  • To merge pages with smaller content, that doesn’t need a unique page, into one dedicated page.
  • Condense page display.
  • Group small, like-areas of content together.
  • Frequently asked questions.

Adding Accordions

  1. When viewing a page, go to Edit Mode.
  2. Within Edit mode, select the Widgets dropdown menu and select Accordions.
  3. The widget will then be created and expanded for the fields within the widget to be edited.

Accordions Fields

  • Admin Title – This does not display on the website but is used to give the widget a system title. 
  • Title – Headline of the content area that will go above the accordion sections. 
  • Accordion Section – An individual accordion of the accordion widget. To add an additional accordion section, click the "Add Accordion Section" button towards the bottom of the widget's fields.
    • Title – The title that will go on the accordion section.
    • Body – The body content of the accordion section. This is field is a rich text editor that allows users to paste or type text and toggle between HTML and rich text views. This editor also contains basic text style selections for things like bold, italics, lists and, stylized quotes.